PBL: Designing a Good Project

As we get into designing project based learning experiences for our students, it's important to consider pitfalls of project mentioned in Chapter 4 of Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age and to consider what quality projects take into consideration.

Check out this quick overview:

Here's a graphic to remind us of BIE inspired, Gold Standard PBL.

In their book Reinventing Project-based Learning, Boss and Krauss suggest that the best projects share some of the following qualities:
  • students have choice in learning 
  • students construct meaning
  • there is a driving question that the project centers on
  • it's real life or related to real life
  • it covers multiple disciplines
  • it breaks down the walls of the classroom and brings in outside people
  • it uses inquiry that involves use of primary sources
  • students learn with and fro each other
  • it includes iterative design (ICE)
As you design your project, create a project sketch that includes learning objective, possibilities for projects, driving question, entry event and possible resources.  Make use of planning documents in the Teacher PBL Planning Documents folder of our PBL Group in Schoology.

Do you need help writing a working driving question?  Check out BIE's Tubric which helps guide you in considering: why, why, could and should questions, a potential audience, and project direction.  It's a great exercise in thinking through the question development process.


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