PBL: Getting Ready Resources

I a very excited that we are getting started on our PBL book study with Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age.

Book Discussion

For Chapter 1, let's consider the big ideas.  Access the Padlet here or below.

For Chapter 2, let's think more about our PLCs.  Access the Padlet here or below.


Don't miss out on these resources! Hover over the image below for Thinglinked resources.

Tech tools featured here:
Padlet - Teacher or student tool - a great tool for brainstorming, collaborating on ideas, sharing resources.  Download the app from the app portal to use on your teacher iPad.
Canva- Teacher tool - for creating the image - would be great to use for creating visuals for students to work with.  There is an app for your teacher iPad, but it requires a log in, so we wouldn't be able to have students make their own.
Thinglink - Teacher tool -  for creating hotspotted links to content students may need.  Pair it with Canva like I did above for a great visual!  Download the app to your teacher iPad.


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