Getting Students Set Up with Email, Schoology & OneDrive

We made it through the first full week of school with the iPads in action!

Since our first day of school I've met with 15 classes grades 3-5 to help set up student iPads so they could use basic tools like email, Schoology and OneDrive.

The first day was a bit rough (sorry to all our fifth grade classes at MES!), but thanks to some quick thinking kids and super resourceful teachers, I think I've got some tips that will help you if your classes haven't set up the basics on the iPad yet.

I have to give a shout-out to Mr. Winkler (MES) and Mrs. Jones (WES) for noticing things that have helped make this process smoother. 

Before You Get Started: Prep your Kids

Download Apps & Collect Important Information

Before you begin, make sure you do the following:
  • Check the lock screen to make sure students have their iPads - their username will appear at the bottom of the screen in small print.
  • Check to make sure students are on FTIS-WIFI and that it did not revert back to FTIS-POD
    • Go to Settings>>Wifi
  • Check to make sure Location Services are On
    • Go to Settings>> Privacy >> Location Services>> Toggle should be green
  • Check to make sure Date & Time are "Set Automatically" and that the time zone is New York
    • Go to Settings>> General>> Date and Time >> Toggle should be green next to "Set Automatically"
    • *** Note Schoology will not work if the date/time are incorrect!
  • Have students download Microsoft OneDrive and Schoology from the "App Portal"
  • Make sure students know their passwords (this should be the password with ft)
  • Ask your librarian to reset the password of any new student, or any student who has not previously used OneDrive or email. 
  • Have students take a screenshot of their email, which is located under Settings >> iCloud
  • Instruct students to open the "Notes" app, split their screen, open the screenshot of their email and type their email into their Notes, so it can be used for copying and pasting later.
    • While you're here, as we discovered in Mrs. Jones' third grade class, have your kids make sure their Apple ID is correct!  

How to Save Email Addresses in Notes by using Multi Tasking Strategies

 Digital Citizenship Reminders

Talk to students about the "Dos and Don'ts" of using email and Schoology.  It's important to help the kids understand that these tools are for school and for learning, not for talking about the upcoming weekend and plans for after school.  Schoology, especially, will appear a bit like social media, and it may give kids the wrong idea that it's for socializing.  To help them understand the purpose of using these tools, explain that it's an extension of the classroom, and share with them the thoughts in this graphic:

 Set up Email

If students did not download apps from the App Portal ahead of time, have them set up their email, while the apps are being downloaded.

Like teachers, students will set up Exchange accounts under the Mail icon.

Tutorial on how to set up email:

Set up Schoology

The preferred way to access Schoology is through the app because once a student is logged in, they're in. 

There will also be a clearer way to submit work and save PDFs into other applications like OneNote later.
Be sure that students have turned their Location Services on.

Check to make sure the Date & Time are set to "Set Automatically". 

Schoology will not work if the time is off by even a millisecond.


In a "Jam" kids an access Schoology through Safari.  Go to the Fort Thomas Website >> Select Quick Links>> Choose Schoology Teachers and Students

Set Up OneDrive

You will want to have students set up their Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage before any of the other apps.  Doing this should allow all of the other apps to auto log in and connect easier to their accounts.

Once your students have these basic things set up and ready to go, they will be ready to communicate, create and save typical classroom assignments.

I would advise students to keep their email note; however as a precautionary measure, do not have students save their password with their email address.


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