2016 New Teacher Orientation

iPads, SAMR & PBL - Presentation


iPads -Tips& Resources

Digital Citizenship Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting Guide - brief guide to troubleshooting things like Wifi, app access to camera, and some basic maneuvering. 
  • Classroom Management Tips - includes classroom management ideas, iPad Task suggestions (Red, Yellow, Green), & Digital Citizenship video students see when they pick up iPads
  • Documentation that went home with students for deployment 
  • Consider screen time: create tech free times and zones during your day
  • Do not assume students know what to do with the iPads
  • Schedule technology "playground" time into units to introduce key apps and strategies students will use
  • Identify students to be technology leaders - give them training ahead of time so they can help classmates (I can assist with this)
  • Use simple phrases to help students understand expectations:
    • "Screens down, Eyes on Me"
    • "Screens to me" (students show screens)
    • Give expectations for task - no apps (red), few approved apps (yellow), free choice (green)

 SAMR Resources


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