SAMR & Bloom's at the Primary Level

Transforming Student Learning

If the Prezi below doesn't load correctly, you can view the presentation on Prezi [here].

Apps to Get You Started 

Hover over the Thinglink below to view tasks and directions for how to use the different apps.  If the page doesn't load correctly, you can view it at Thinglink [here].

Accessibility Features

If you work with students who have special learning needs, take some time to use and change the Accessibility Features in the iPad's settings as you work with the iPad.  See the features available at: "Accessibility Tips and Tricks"

Next Steps

Explore more about SAMR & Bloom's, along with more ways that you can use apps with the Thinglink below. Hover over the apps to see integration ideas, blog posts and how-tos as well as things to consider when it comes to Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy strategies. 

Posted by Heidi Neltner ~ @heidinelt


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